About Project Resilience

Led by the University of Leeds http://www.leeds.ac.uk/, we use visual methods to understand and celebrate how people meet the challenges of their lives. You can explore our projects on this site. We share what we have learned about developing resilience, provide case studies, and showcase images and what they mean to the people who used them to tell us their story. You can view videos created within, and about, our projects, and see where, together, we have made a difference. We also provide free resource materials to support you to develop your own creative projects using the combined power of words and images.

You can contact us at a.l.madill@leeds.ac.uk.


Go Sisyphus

Go Sisyphus Positive health and well-being of men living in poverty (October 2012 – August 2020) Purpose Men in poverty exper...

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Mainstreaming Global Mental Health

Mainstreaming Global Mental Health A Praxis Nexus Approach (June 2019 - November 2021) Project Purpose Our ambition is to trigg...

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Quarterlife Crisis

Quarterlife Crisis Understanding and supporting young adults through the ‘quarterlife crisis’ (October 2013- May 2017). Purp...

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The Big Picture

The Big Picture Adapting photovoice to enhance psychological, social and cultural insights into, and prevention and treatment of,...

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UK Fujoshi / China Yaoi

UK Fujoshi / China Yaoi Understanding Japanese "Boys' Love" manga from a UK perspective - British Academy (2011-2013) / Understan...

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