Quarterlife Crisis

Understanding and supporting young adults through the ‘quarterlife crisis’ (October 2013- May 2017).


During transition to adulthood, young people can experience a quarerlife crisis when they have difficulty finding their place in the world. The aim of this project is to understand the experience of quarterlife crisis among young people from India and the UK.


Participants are between 22-30 years old and self-define as experiencing difficulty finding their place in the world. Sixteen are from the UK, of which eight are women and twelve are university educated. Eight are from Assam, India, of which four are women and five are university educated. Participants were asked to prepare for their interview by taking photographs, or selecting images, to help explain their challenging transition to adulthood. All took part in a one-to-one research interview in which they were invited to create a time-line of relevant events and to place their images on the time-time during interview. This material was analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.


This project was undertaken by Raginie Duara for her PhD. It was supervised by Siobhan Hugh-Jones and Anna Madill of the School of Psychology, University of Leeds, UK.


The PhD was funded by a University of Leeds International Research Scholarship.


Presented here are the three main themes of the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis conducted for project ‘Quarterlife Crisis’.

Each theme is illustrated with example images and quotes from three different participants, including women and men, Indian and British, and those who attended and did not attend university. All content is anonymised.

Theme 1: Perceived standards and unfulfilled expectations

Theme 2: Becoming and knowing oneself

Theme 3: Coping responses




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