Mainstreaming Global Mental Health

A Praxis Nexus Approach (June 2019 – November 2021)

Project Purpose

Our ambition is to trigger a step-change in how the research community thinks about where, how and by whom mental health in low and middle income countries can be impacted to benefit people experiencing poor mental health. Specifically, we believe there is untapped potential for global researchers to impact mental health whilst delivering their core (non-mental health) project aims, and that this can be done without significant resource implications.

Project Objectives

  1. Complete a scoping review of (i) material practices and (ii) implicit and explicit mental health activities in non-mental health focused GCRF projects funded to date;
  2. Complete a report outlining the basis for a Global Mental Health Impact Framework around collaborative material practices;
  3. Develop and strengthen equitable international academic, policy and practitioner partnerships and build capacity in LMIC and the UK;
  4. Use this work to assist in developing the agenda and programmes of on-going work.


This project brings together 16 GCRF projects funded by the AHRC, ESRC and MRC, a University of Leeds AHRC-GCRF Network Plus and AHRC-led GCRF Hub. It is led by Anna Madill with Paul Cooke, Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Rebecca King, Jane Plastow, and Stuart Taberner (University of Leeds, UK), Adrian Evans and Karina Croucher (University of Bradford, UK), Rebecca Graber (University of Brighton, UK). Brian Brown and Raghu Raghavan (De Montfort University, UK), Tolib Mirzoev (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK) and Erminia Colucci (Middlesex University, UK). Our project mentees are Una Higgins, Netalie Shloim, and Yao Zhao.


Mainstreaming Global Mental Health is conducted in partnership with NIMHANS (India), MIND India, and Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia). Our key contacts, and steering groups member are, respectively, Dr Poornima Bhola, Dr Sangeeta Goswami, and Dr Diana Setiyawati. The project is funded by an EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund Challenge Cluster grant EP/T023813/1




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